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IoT Network

Tips for Managing IoT Network of An Organization

Posted by Linda Lee on

With the tremendous shifts in the digital and technological world, the Internet of Things is rising at a significant rate. However, with each new advancement comes the security issue. Be it the management of huge machines or keeping the sensitive data secure, security remains the most thought entity. It is needless to say that the Internet of Things is offering practical insights about multiple aspects, but vulnerabilities have increased as well.

In this article, we are sharing top tips to help you gain the most out of the Internet of Things without compromising on security and effectiveness. So, have a look!

Keep The Endpoints In Mind

The Internet of Things is the combination of network, and each network comes with an endpoint. Well, it turns out that the endpoint is the most vulnerable part of the network, as it is the loop for cybercriminals. To ensure the security, all the endpoints will need to be profiled and identified, and in the long run, it will create a positive outlook for asset inventory.

Tracking The Devices

The Internet of Things is useless if you aren’t aware of the connected devices in the network implied in the organization. So, make sure you have the asset discovering, management solution, and tracking available to ensure optimal running and performance of the IoT project.

Address The Core Issues

There are two prime parts of IoT; the physical aspect that is inclined towards the connected devices, and the second one is cyber aspects that are related to data collection. The cyber part might be addressed by the IT team, but as an organization, you need to keep the physical aspects in mind. So, make sure all the devices are secure and offer performance at the right time.

Think About Risk

As an organization, you can never be 100% sure about zero errors because that’s not even possible with the implication of six-sigma. So, you need to utilize the risk-driven strategy for the Internet of Things because it will focus on critical aspects of the network infrastructure. As a leader, you need to dictate the value of a certain asset ad secures the risks by mitigating them.

Be Keen About Tests and Evaluation

Before implying the IoT network, it is advised to perform the penetration testing and evaluations to ensure optimal performance at the end. The testing and evaluation include reverse engineering, and as the physical devices tend to have a vulnerability, these things need to be kept in mind. In other words, you need to understand the vulnerabilities before putting the network for the public.  

Work on Credentials and Passwords

As the best IoT company in Pakistan, you need to keep in mind the vendor-supplied passwords and change them as soon as you can. This is because default passwords are usually designed through algorithms, and doing the math will not be difficult for the hackers.

Focus on Data

It is essential to interpret the connection of IoT devices with the data because it aids in keeping everything secure. Also, you will get to determine the standard format and practical infrastructure. By keeping an eye on the data, you will also be able to identify the unauthorized activities in the network.

Fleet management

Fleet Management Process – What To Consider?

Posted by Linda Lee on

You must have the biggest fleet in the world but if you aren’t considerate about the maintenance and retention, it holds no value for you. The vehicles in the feet need to be productive and secure for the drivers who are going to be on the roads. In a long run, this will pose a positive impact on the best fleet management in Pakistan. In this blog, we are sharing some tips to keep your fleet at best and the guidelines for maintaining the shape!

Acknowledge The Maintenance Costs

If you keep the vehicle maintenance at top priority, the frequency of downtimes and impromptu repairing calls will be reduced. The maintenance includes timely change of oil, safety checks, and inspection and rotation of the tires. It is advised to use an oil life monitor that sets an alarm for the oil change date. It will also keep the air pressure and fluid levels in check.

Total Cost Ownership

With the increasing age of the vehicle, the maintenance costs and frequency will start rising. You also need to keep the warranty coverage at a close eye as it helps you keep the ownership costs at bay. Also, keep checking the second-hand vehicle market, and it will help you find the right time to sell out a car at a profitable rate. This timely selling will have a positive impact on fleet management.

Communicate The Policy

When a company has a fleet, they are apt to have drivers. Handling the fleets with one hand can be pretty exhausting and when you want to keep everything in control, sharing the company policies with drivers will be beneficial. Make sure you are communicating the responsibilities with the drivers such maintenance schedules and the policies regarding accident or harm to vehicle.

Keep Pressure in Check

If you have ever driven a car, you would understand the importance of tire pressure but many people tend to overlook this point. While you are trying to manage your fleet, make sure you are checking the tire pressure regularly. The tire pressure directly impacts the fuel mileage and wear and tear of the tire. In addition, keep in mind the air temperature along with pressure and you need to share these details with your drivers as well.

Opt for Partnership

You must have a fleet maintenance provider, it is better to call him during the negative situations and chaos. For example, you need to communicate your vehicle’s maintenance issues with the provider as they will be able to reduce the downtime and in longer run, it will enhance customer satisfaction. Last but not least, it will enhance the productivity of fleet management.

Additional Tips

If you are a fleet manager, you need to keep in mind the following points;

  • You need to be proactive during the management as you need to detect potential problems
  • Make sure the maintenance is accessible to everyone involved such as drivers
  • Have a strict protocol for disposal and purchasing of the vehicles
  • Keep the driver performance at close focus
  • Make sure you are measuring everything such as cost trends, operating costs, and cost per mile
  • Keep a digital and backed up record of everything
  • Learn about the latest trends on a regular basis